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San Pedro river,Chile

This short clip (3 min) features a group of white water kayakers from Chile, UK and Mexico going down the beautiful San Pedro river: a high volume 3+/4 transparent river encircled by a beautiful ecosystem including a snow capped volcano. The footage comes from Santiago Berrueta, Jorge Muller, Francisco Santana and Roberto Pena. The rest of the team are Andrés Rau, Felipe Albarran and Nick Cunliffe. Music comes from Volk+ with the tune Raflex @ Techno Basslines 2010.

You can find more from Santiago Berrueta at

This adventure was possible by the generosity of Kayak, Latins du Nord, Stohlquist Canada, Pueblito Expediciones, Carlos Morales, Juan Carlos Soto, Carlos Rico, Kayak Essentials and Werner Paddles.


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