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Paddlepalooza 2016 by Ontario Sea Kayak Centre

I am so glad that the first event of my kayak season is Paddlepalooza, an event hosted by Ontario Sea Kayak Centre (OSKC). The owners of OSKC Dympna and James really put their souls into creating a community of sea kayakers where good vibes, greenland paddles, fun sessions, hospitality and professionalism all meet in the same place.

This year I got to teach 3 sessions: Moving water at the Moon River, Traditional Paddling and Greenland Rolling and Edging and Bracing to stay topside. I was also lucky enough to work with very talented people: Alec Bloyd Peshkin, Dympna Hayes, Ray Boucher, Heather Stewart and Virginia Marshall.

I feel very motivated after some of the feedback from our students: "best day ever", "I dont know how am I ever going to have fun in a kayak after the Moon River session", "this is exactly what I want it" or "I've never surf a wave like that".

Here are a few pictures from the event. Enjoy!

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