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Sea kayak surfing. Fall 2017.

I am not sure if I should call it a surfing hat trick but I got to surf a tidal bore, a beach brake and a static wave in 10 days. This edit comes from footage collected at those three locations:

The Shubenacadie river in Nova Scotia, Canada is a tidal bore at the deep end of the Bay of Fundy where I got to ride -an almost 50ft range- with people who know this place very well: Jarrod Gunn McQuillan from Cloud 9 Adventures in PEI, Matt DeLong from Candlebox kayaking based in Shelburne, Jackson Kayaks team members Trevor and Trudy Killam, also James Manke from Stohlquist Canada, also Jason Richard, Philippe Beauchamp and Jaque Paquin from QC.

Cape Sable Island has several beach brakes that are all slightly different. We got lucky with a S swell send our way by Hurricane José, a great sunny day and windless conditions. This surf day was part of a Sea Kayak Surfing session that I thought during the Bay of Fundy sea kayak symposium. Surfers Jason, Alfred, Jeff, Philippe, Andrea and Peter participate in the class.

Vague a Guy in Montreal is a -super accessible- an busy static wave slightly upstream from the Lachine rapids, usually river surfers and SUPers surf this feature, sea kayakers are an oddity but the venue is great: small, technical and low consequences.

Now, enjoy the rides!

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