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The Dolphin or the most fun job ever

The most fun job ever

My friend Martine Jodoin from Jumana boards asked me to test her newest iSup design: The Dolphin.

The Dolphin is a product of the collaboration between Jumana Boards –a Quebec based iSup company- and Thierry Doizon, founder of Sup White Water Quebec, a community group that has sharing the passion as a goal.

The first Dolphins just came in and we were lucky enough to go out and try them at the Centre d’excellence d’eau vive de Valleyfield, a non-for profit white water public park and an amazing venue to paddle and have fun.

I realized that testing SUP designs has to be the most fun job ever….. wait a minute, did I mentioned the word job?

The Dolphin measures 9'6"X35"X6" which makes it stable yet maneuverable. Thierry thought about some really cool features: rugged outfitting, angled traction pad, interchangeable fins featuring 5 points of attachment so you can choose to make the Dolphin river friendly or surf friendly and a go pro mount.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed testing The Dolphin!

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