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Kayak Montréal



We are thrilled to welcome you to KLN. Whether it is your first time in a kayak or you are looking to go out and explore the world on a multi day sea kayak adventure, maybe you are searching for an activity to get back in shape or you want to hone your skills to the next level. 

At KLN we offer a wide range of sea kayak activities:


  • Sea kayak multi-day trips in the Saguenay Fjord, Wales, Baja and other destinations..

  • Paddle Canada courses from beginner to expert.

  • Surf and currents clinics 

  • Day courses and outings in and around Montreal waterways.

  • Symposia and events..

  • Private coaching.


We believe that having fun is very important, that is why we create an enjoyable and safe environment for you to come and relax, play, train, travel, push your limits, explore and achieve your goals, whatever they are.


So please check us out, come have fun with us and if you have any questions please surf our site, reach us by email, facebook or phone. We are happy to answer you in English, French or Spanish.


Thanks and welcome 

Paddle Canada Intro to kayaking

1 day

Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills

2 days

Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills

5 days

Saguenay Fjord Trip

7 days. Level 2

Gerorgian Bay Trip

6 days. Level 1

Baja Trip

10 days. Level 2

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Official KLN store 


Guiding and Coaching

Santiago Berrueta is the driving force behind KLN. Being one of the highest qualified sea kayak coaches in Canada both by the BCU and Paddle Canada, Santiago gets to travel around the world guiding......


Where is the next symposium?

Every year we travel to different events around the world to teach, learn, share and exchange ideas. Check out what's lined up for this year.............


Check out our Blog

In our blog we share our latest adventures: whether a surf session or a road trip please check out the photos, stories and videos. Hopefully you get inspired to go out and paddle..................

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