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Santiago Berrueta

Santiago lives in Montreal where he paddles, raises -with Patricia- a little guy named Salvador and runs Kayak Latitude North. He lived in Baja, Mexico for several years during which he guided multi-day kayak trips. He graduated from the National Outdoor Leadership School as a sea kayak instructor and owes most of his early kayak skills to the BCU system. A BCU coach since 2009, he also became a Paddle Canada instructor in 2012 and loves teaching kayaking from coast to coast and internationally. In Santiago's approach to coaching we find some of his daily mantras: never stop learning, keep pushing your limits, expand your reality and have fun along the way

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Santiago teaches at various events in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New York, California, Mexico and Chile for which being fluent in Spanish, French and English really helps. Santiago loves exploring the world by sea kayak, he paddled for 42 days the -almost- entire length of the Baja peninsula, he has kayaked the remote Newfoundland south coast and the coastline of British Columbia. In the last years he has also been teaching in the Canadaian artic. In 2014 he went to Wales where he obtain his BCU 5 star sea leader award.  

Santiago's list of certifications include:

  -  BCU 5 stars sea leader

  -  Paddle Canada level 4 skills

  -  Paddle Canada level 3 instructor

  -  Paddle Canada level 2 Instructor Trainer

  -  Paddle Canada rolling instructor​

  -  FQCK 3 Instructor

  -  NOLS sea kayak instructor

  -  Wilderness First Responder

  -  VHF/DSC Marine radio operator 

  -  Leave No Trace trainer

  -  BCU/UKCC Level 2 trainee

Stéphane Burns 

Born in the Basses-Laurentides region, Stéphane always had a great interest for outdoors activities. It’s during a family outing in 2016 that he tried kayaking for the first time. He immediately fell in love with this sport. Since then, he redoubled his efforts to improve his techniques and his knowledge. It is through various expeditions and training that he managed to developed his skills in the field. For instance, he participated in the Kayak Desgagné challenge by paddling Montreal-Quebec over a period of four days. Moreover, he had the chance to travel to Baja in California on a sea kayaking trip. He also went paddling in Nova Scotia in the Bay of Fundy for a symposium. Furthermore, he also discovered the waters of the Saguenay Fjord and Georgian Bay. Soon, he will have the pleasure of paddling on the Atlantic Ocean in the heart of the Irish Sea located in Wales. Stéphane's motto is to always learn while having fun.



  • Paddle Canada Level 3

  • Paddle Canada Level 1 – Monitor

  • Canot Kayak Québec Level 2 – Monitor

  • British Canoeing – Coastal navigation and tidal planning

  • British Canoeing – Open water navigation and tide planning

  • VHF-DSC – Marine radio operator

  • RCR-DEA C Advanced – First aid in remote areas

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