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KLN trips are a mix of adventure, relaxation, inspirational venues, wildlife encounters and good food. We like teaching kayak skills as we travel, but we also like to kick back and relax. Nature and human history are important elements that we like to explore. Finally we are kayak expedition geeks: expect the best equipment and -if you wish- a certain amount of coaching.





Choosing the Right Trip Level is very important for you and for us. That's why we cater our trips for different skill levels. In order to help you choose, let us explain a bit more to you:


Level 1: Everyone is welcome on these trips, we select routes that are suitable for beginners and intermediates, we paddle 3-5 hours a day, a distance of 5-12 nautical miles with breaks every 1-2 hours. Sometimes we bring a double kayak. For the least experienced we can help you out to develop your kayak camping skills and for the intermediate we like to show you some cool tricks that we have learned along the way. You don't need to know rescues or to have an extensive understanding of kayak strokes. Great courses to do before this trip are Paddle Canada Intro to Kayaking and Paddle Canada Level 1. A good example of this trip is our Georgian Bay trip in Ontario.


Level 2: These trips are aimed at paddlers who already have some experience tripping or first timers who have strong kayak skills. Paddle Canada level 2 or 3 are appropriate certs to have. We paddle single kayaks in tidal environments 3-6 hours a day, covering distances of up to 15 nautical miles with breaks every 2-3 hours. Some knowledge of linking strokes, rescues and towing are desirable. Our annual Saguenay Fjord Trip and our Baja trips are both Level 2.


Level 3: Occasionally we run trips in more advanced settings. Surf, tides and currents are common sights. We paddle up to 20 nautical miles a day. We choose routes that are suitable to promote a greater degree of adventure. Paddle Canada level 3 and 4 skills are appropriate. Strong rescue skills like rolling and towing are necessary. Usually people who come on Level 3 trips have come with us in previous adventures.

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