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At KLN we are qualified coaches who travel around the world teaching, learning and sharing experiences. We are always improving our coaching and paddling skills. We try new things, we push the boundaries of the sport, we teach with the equipment that we like to use personally and we are backed up by recognized organizations such as the British Canoe Union, Paddle Canada, Wilderness Medical Associates and the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons  


We offer a variety of courses for you to choose:

- Paddle Canada courses

- Safety and Rescue courses

- Monthly paddles

- Paddling in currents courses

- Kayak Sailing

- Rolling


- Private lessons


All our courses are provided by certified Paddle Canada instructors. We ensure the quality of the course by keeping small groups with a radio of 1:6 for intro courses and 1:4 for intermediate and advanced.


If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.





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