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Habitat 67

Habitat 67 wave on sea kayaks

Very close to Montreal downtown there is a wave well known to river surfers, the wave in front of the Habitat 67 architectural complex is a standing wave suitable for intermediate and expert paddlers.

When we arrive on our sea kayaks we are something not far from a curiosity, most surfers are using boards under 7 feet long and here we arrive with our 17 feet long sea kayaks a couple of thousand kilometers from the sea.

Spring water level might be not so great for short board surfers or river kayakers, but the smooth green wave train is just perfect for sea kayak surfing and longboards.

I am always a bit shy going with my big kayak to this play spot but this time everything was right: a couple of river kayakers where finishing their session, two super friendly longboard surfers, another guy trying –unsuccessfully- to catch the wave using a rope to swing to the wave and us!

My friend Johanne Lavoie and I went for the wave. After a couple of tries we successfully got on the wave. Big smiles, big fun. HAPPY KAYAKERS!

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